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Become a member of the TripRewards program now. Enrollment is easy. Get your card and go on a trip. Use your membership promo codes for hotels and motels. You'll begin to earn and accrue travel reward points. Then when you try to redeem your points and collect your rewards, if you've let your card go unused for 18 months, you'll find that your account and all the points you've earned have been completely deleted! Surprise!

It's fun to get ripped off! Think of all the exciting vacation days with the family and other super gifts that you could have earned had your account not been cancelled after only a year and a half!

Here are just a few of the establishments that participate in this scam of a travel program called TripRewards: Chili's, The Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Burger King, Uno Chicago Grill, Macy's, The Home Depot, Circuit City, Target, Best Buy, Canadian Tire, Sesame Place, Water Country USA, Six Flags, Sea World, Adventure Island, Amerihost Inn, Days Inn, Howard Johnson, Knights Inn, Ramada Worldwide, Super 8 Motel, Travelodge, Wingate Inn and Baymont Inn and Suites.

Family Vacation Travel Rewards

Here are some of the great "free" gifts that the TripRewards travel card promises to its members . . . gifts that you can't actually redeem once Wyndam Hotel Group has deleted all of your earned travel points:

Free night stays with no blackout dates

Gift certificates to your favorite retailers & restaurants


Resort Getaways

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"I agree with your sarcasm about this program. You might add that not only do they cancel your account and delete all your points; they also don't even tell you that it is happening! After my account was canceled (unbeknownst to me), I made a number of reservations for Ramada, and I entered my TR account number to obtain points. I only found out recently that none of those trips were recorded for me because the account had been closed".

- Bluston (former TripRewards member)

"Trip Rewards - a Bad News Company: After finding out today that I lost 36,000 points after Trip Rewards arbitrarily canceled my account without my permission and without notification, I plan to investigate the possibility of : (1) a complaint to the Attorney General of whatever state(s) they operate in charging deceptive advertising or (2) a class action law suit. Anyone care to join me? I'm particularly interested in finding if there is a correlation between account cancellations and high point balance accounts ".

- J. (another former TripRewards member)

"After staying in a trip rewards program motel for 36 days, I can't get my points! Why?".

- J.W.: Birmingham, AL

"The TripRewards Racket (Rip-off/Scam/Lie) is to screw holders of the hotel card in an effort to practically force them to get a TripRewards MasterCard, especially if you covet your points and then happen to stay at non-Wyndam hotels from time to time (18 consecutive months). Only with the MasterCard can you generate enough activity to keep the account open while exercising your right to choose any other hotel chain to stay in. It's a punk move, and it cost me 19,000 points after I could not return to any of their hotels in the New Orleans area for over a year after the city flooded. I travel there often to visit family and attend sporting events, but I'll avoid the Wyndam chain nationwide from now on. In a lot of the Gulf Coast towns, Wyndham chains housed evacuees and recovery workers for months. They should have made an exception for frequent travelers (who held the hotel card only) to that area".

- O.D. (yet another former TripRewards member)

Have any good stories about the unexpected surprise of finding out that your account was closed and all your earned points deleted after only 18 months?

Share them with us!

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